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Java Electronic Tool Integration
jETI for Bioinformatics

Logo: jETI - Java Electronic Tool Integration The jETI technology makes it possible to combine heterogeneous remote services in a seamless way. Tools of different kinds, from different providers, and even from different application domains can be managed by the jETI toolservers, that on the other hand provide homogeneous interfaces to their client applications, e.g. the jABC.

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Logo: jETI - Java Electronic Tool Integration Bio-jETI is a service platform for interdisciplinary work on biological appliciation domains. It uses the jETI service integration technology for remote tool integration and the jABC framework as a graphical process modeling tool. With Bio-jETI, domain experts, like biologists who are not trained in computer science, can directly define complex service orchestrations as process models and use efficient and complex bioinformatics tools in a simple and intuitive way.

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Java Application Building Center
Service Centered Continuous Engineering

Logo: jABC - Java Application Building CenterThe JavaABC Framework or jABC is a redevelopment of the Agent Building Center (ABC), which has been developed since early 1993. The new system takes advantage of the enhancements in the field of programming languages and libraries. Based on Java the new JavaABC is a symbiosis of a commercial product and an experimental platform for our students.

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Logo: SCCE - Service Centered Continuous EngineeringService Engineering generalizes the development of so-called value-added services, the traditional services bridging the gap between technology and end user known from Telecommunication (like Freephone, 0800-Services, or Virtual Private Networks), to the development of more general communication and reactive systems. Fundamental is the notion of Service Logic graph, which allows one to describe services from the user´s/application expert´s point in a formal fashion, ready for automatic translation and deployment on the considered telecommunication infrastructure.

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