CPP to SIBGraph Converter

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This tool enables the model extraction from C++ files and generates jABC SIB graphs.

Model extraction

The actual conversion / model extraction process consists of two steps:

  1. The CPP2ELSA tool derives an XML-based representation of the CPP file. It uses the ELSA framework developed at the University of California at Berkeley.
  2. Subsequently, the ELSA2jABC tool takes an ELSA XML file as input and produces a set of jABC SIBGraphModels.

Once the SIBGraphModels are available, data-flow analysis as model checking could be performed on these models. However, the extracted models are still missing information required as the basis for data-flow analsis.

The tools are deployed using shell scripts invoking the ELSA tool as well as the ELSA2jABC converter.

The Java part of the implementation has been provided by Christian Wagner of DNW Aerospace.